CAT YOU ULTRA LOW MOVIE up and running for limit time


See FLICKR page for development screen grabs!

For more info check the top two posts on VV:

The second talks in depth about the processes displayed in the above movie and features rough sketches and diagrams.


the beautiful plan


Here are some of my weird plans for the Beautiful Plan plus a copy of the info available on Vampire Vision

MOVIE •1 — this is rough raw and expressionistic! It shows “the gallery space” and within it a 4way projector that hits all 4 walls. The people inside are fully absorbed by the world of our new R God, Victor, the Wombed Man that gave birth to Vagina Island and it’s unpredictable denizens. The exhibition is about projected light projecting immersive ideologies with the desired effect of invoking new spirits. The music is taken from Mark Stewart & the Mafia “As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade”. This old track is very relevent in our current (globalocal) political climate. I’ve also chosen it for misleading reasons, the track talks about things fading when the intent of the proposed show is to further solidify something that doesn’t physically exist, not the opposite — it’s like French backwards slang! Now the 2nd movie!

MOVIE •2 BLEND66 was made in Blender. Blender is free and easy to use! Get it while it’s hot! I ran into a few problems while using Blender, the computer I’m using it on is too old and slow to render out movies and it runs like a slug at the best of times… Originally I intended to make a rough 3D simulation of the gallery experience with the same animatic playing out of sync on all 4 “walls”. After a series of crashes I just took 24 screengrabs from various angles, took the screengrabs into photoshop and put them in to a sequence. Next I exported 4 different versions of the movie based on our colour theory, Red Spectrum, Blue Spectrum, Green Spectrum and Black Victor Spectrum, The Objective. There are a number of songs playing at once on this movie, the two audiable ones are “EARTHQUAKE SHAKE” by The Undisputed Truth and “ITS JUST BEGUN” by the Jimmy Castor Bunch. Earthquake Shake is the sound of the mountain and the volcano, It’s Just Begun carries archaic symbolism, the birth of a new god and the creation of a strange land.

MOVIE •3 — THIS ONE IS THE CLIMAX! I’ve uploaded the last 2 movies and loaded them up in different windows, “THE BEAUTIFUL PLAN” is playing in a big window in the center, the projector, the origin, and “BLEND66″ is playing in 4 seperate windows surrounding it — emulating the desired effect of the proposed show within a web browser. I took a load of screengrabs and squirted them through photoshop into quicktime where I added a piece of music by the Residents with a lyric about windows and ugly feelings. The song is called “WOULD WE BE ALIVE”.

The 3 movies, born out of each other, all coexisting simultaneously in seperate developmental stages, are a weird overweb reflection of the intricate relationship between the catgirlvampire and it’s varying forms. The original idea of “THE BEAUTIFUL PLAN” is like the Sword hatching out of the egg, and these 3 films evolutionary path that follows. What a happy accident! Can you believe that I only just realised that now — after taking a break from writing this post and eating some fish and chips?!

The Beautiful Plan exhibition show, will be taking place at the end of this month, and will feature work by everybody involved in the making of WOMBED MAN KING OF GODS.

As a super special treat, here is the animatic that was displayed in my performative presentation piece last year:

It has only been shown once in the presentation and to 6 lucky individuals, this is the first time the video has been made public. A worked up version of this film will be on display in The Beautiful Plan, amongst other works.

sustainability, tamagotchi, tough times, eels, mum, fighting problems


Are computers going to get bigger and better all the time? When will they make the last new computer? I like “tamagotchi” tamagotchi is proof that computer graphics can be tiny, basic bitmaps. And people will obsess. They will go wild and obsess! Watch some of this strange, ceremonial video. It is the unpackaging of a slightly rare Japanese tamagotchi. Watch it on full screen with the sound fairly loud for the full effect.

I just had to get involved. Here’s me trying my luck in the studio. Watch it on full screen with the sound fairly loud for the full effect.

Even MOMA have noticed tamagotchi.

My perfect computer would be slightly bigger than a tamagotchi, egg shaped and bitmap based with a colour screen. It would have a weird virtual pet and animation features, I can plug it into the last new computer and my pet can explore the internet for me.

What does Wikipedia currently say about computer graphics? It says:

4D and 7D?

Small huh, it says “anything that isn’t text or sound”. It’s also got this weird bit:

7D? 4D is just a fancy name for cool randomised textures in games that change over time thanks to some fancy algorithms, but 7D? Haha, that’s just me hitting on the edit button bro. Don’t sweat. I wonder how long 7D will last?

Back in Ancient Greece, Damoclese was an adsentatores. A court flatterer. There was a bunch of these guys and it was their job to compliment their ruler, the tyrant Dionysius. Damoclese was the court sycophant, Dionysius was loaded and Damoclese would constantly compliment his bosses clothes and cash and wealthy healthy lifestyle. So one day, Dionysius was like “Hey Damoclese, if you like my life so much, why don’t you live it for a day?” Damoclese was so happy, he was like “Yeah I’ll try it!” so they got to work setting everything up for him. He was wearing some fine threads and hanging out with some cool babes and having a great time, when he noticed a really gnarly sharp sword hanging above his head, from the ceiling, by a horse hair! Dionysius was like “Haha, now you know what life as a powerful tyrant is really like!” and Damoclese wasn’t into it at all, he went back to being poor and safe.

I don’t want to be poor, it sucks so much! I eat out of garbage cans! I want to get rich! These are tough times!

Anything you say Ralphy, let’s shake hands!

I’ve got to figure out how to look after eels as there is going to be one circling the island in the movie. The eel is VICTORs third eye, Her Black Spectrum Objective eye, the Gateless Gate.•

Here’s my mums website, she’s fabulous!

Her stuff is all bitmap based and beautiful, I love family tradition!

throw a wild party, and dance around your handbag

Family is the most important thing that there is to sustain, if you’ve got a big team then you’ll have big dreams!

Which brings me to my next point, the PROBLEM SOLVERS by paperrad

These guys are getting a show on cartoon network! Look!

It’s not surprising when you see their big beautiful comic books “KRAMERS ERGOT” there’s a bunch of them, I’ve got 2 of the old ones! They cost a bomb!

I feel okay, I’m not alone, there are others working in my field and they’re all doing really well! Even David O’Reilly is sending me subliminal messages in his work these days… Just look at this screengrab!

You might think it says “THE E XTERNAL WO RLD” over and over but I know that really it says TEX TEX TEX TEX TEX TEX TEX TEX, the rest of the letters are just for cover! Haha.

That is the end of this post, on a final note “I just can’t wait to be king”


VISIBLE, sketches from summer!


My invisibility spell has broken, look here and see my name!

Here’s a tasty treat, a load of development sketches from the summer, I found them in the studio today in a minging old folder full of crumbs! Yuck!


This first image is 2 sheets of rough moody sketches done with some brushy pens, you gotta do pages like this to get into the groovey groove!

ruff mood sketches, 2 sheets

Next up is a colour illustration that I drew after stealing a telling from a fortune teller. His room was fine tuned with a powerful shakra and he had about three mobiles that kept on going off! He told me I had 5 layers of full attacking black magic on me (most people don’t even have 1! I am one dark brother, bro!) and that things going tap tap tap in the night were making my money vanish! He also told me I had the eyes of a tiger and a good face (this is funny because my mums name is Tigerlilly and everyone says I have her eyes!)! Plus he kept doing this cool snake move at me with his hand like CHT CHT! … I guess I’ve got to show you that one … NOTICE the monkey character, he’s mysterious and has shady origins, this drawing is from way before the story was in it’s present state and I’ve kind of dropped  him from the gang, seeing him here makes me think of maybe throwing him in as a cameo background guy, I dunno… Also, the 2headed snake is a natural weird pre—echo of VICTOR’s red blue Ouroboros sun snake eyes! Spooky!

full attacking destiny knot!

More colour illustrations of the gang, see the monkey isn’t around, these are from a version of the story where the characters weren’t so merged — instead the cat is the girls pet and can transform into a powerful sword! But, uh oh, doing so releases the spirit of the nasty vampire spirit trapped within the cats teeth! This happens a lot because the world is full of nasty monsters that wanna fight, boo! Ha ha, how fun.

catgirlvampire SWORD realisations

NEXT UP are two yummy colour pages of a comic strip that I started working on CUTEY & THE CAT! All of these drawings were done around the same time (you can tell because the pencils I’m using are the same, haha) but then I lost the pencils so I need some more now, ho hum. These two pages are HOT though so click um up big! I feel like maybe the beginning of the film could do with a cute sequence like this… All of these drawings are from before the RAMMELLZEE’s hueman body died, before the project became so symbolic. The cat is more like a magical maverick at this point in the development process, the vampire is nowhere to be seen and the characters are definitely a lot less merged.

cutey and the cat comic! part 1

cutey and the cat comic! part 2

the hippest cats, can transofrm and grow wings

cats n ghosts ! and girl

Here’s some stuff from a lovely notepad, there’s more in it but it’s all faint and hard to see, these are the best two pages:

time has no beasts favour in mind

Finally, here are some pictures by my little brothers, Kofi & Angelo Royale, they were helping! They provide me with valuable research and reference material, thanks bro’s.

oh Kofi Royale, Ur skills know no boundsoh Angelo Royale, you are a proper wierdo mate!

AND THAT is all I am scanning and uploading today, I have spent way too long doing this, it’s given me a bloody head ache! Oweeee

some notes on EASYTOOL + some vids


EASYTOOL is a hard tool to use, there is no command Z function, any “mistak” you make has to be manually erased. The current version I’m using has MOVE and ZOOM features, they don’t work very well but the buttons look good. There are only 6 colours in EASYTOOL plus black and white. I like this, spoilt for choice is just spoilt! The onion skin feature is great, it leaves behind a beautiful washy image of your last drawing, you can erase this if you want by painting over it with a colour, or you can use it to your creative advantage. The only problem is that you have to hit the SAVE button and then the ONION button for it to work, sometimes you forget and loose an incredible drawing!

Here’s all the easy tool adventures I’ve stuck on YOUTUBE! The only 2 that aren’t directly related to the movie I’m working on are the first 2, which are for the spirit of xmas man(fatherxmas). Even these two movies feature tropes from my film in the form of a rapidly changing series of sprites from the popular game “POKéMON”. The characters that flash through sequence are pokémon equivalents to the catgirlvampire.

Voyage To Next — Faith n John Hubley


Beautiful piece of animation here with amazing music and gorgeous, striking art work.

The film is subtle and delicate and carries an important message. A cry to humanity to calm down a little with it’s selfishness, paranoia, greed and violence. We can see from watching Voyage that 3D isn’t a neccesity when it comes to powerful story telling and good art or even, realism.

massive post on Vampire Vision, click image for link



visual research blogs


Here’s some info on my two big visual research blogs, there are links to your left! Or, hit the images below:

girl splodge, cat fangs and batwangs CAT FANGS AND BAT WANGS is a visual research blog related specifically to this project, I started it up back in October 2009, shortly after developing the VAMPIRE character in the catgirlvampire trio. See the whole old archive here.


guy splodge, texr tumblr, explicit texr tumblr is a collection of images that influence my work as a whole, I use the space to create compositional collections of conflicting images, thick with themes of violence, sex and… and cute. I also use the page as an advert for my website,


Tumblr is a useful tool if you want to compile a huge hoard of images for later reference. I rarely post any of my own material on the site, unless it’s just an advert/link — even then it usually just gets lost in the swarms and swarms of junk that gets uploaded to the site every minute. In that junk, there is often some good food or clothes so occasionally it’s worth your while trudging through the rubbish dumps. You learn these kind of tricks when you live on the streets.

more and more beautiful


Here’s a lovely visualisation of the Desired Effect of The Beautiful Plan:

Of course it is much better viewed forever on it’s true home sweet home page here

It gets across what I want to do in real life, in web browser format, I’ve just been filming it going off with my JVC Super LoLux camera, I’ll hopefully be able to put the footage up on Monday. The version available to you now is just 24 screengrabs on loop with a speeded up excerpt of “would we be alive” by The Residents.

Note the varying colour patterns correlate to the projects all encompasing colour theory, the images below are slides are from a performative presentation piece which took place at Ravensbourne college in the dark. A number of paintings and other works were displayed, including a mysterious red gem in a bag of yellow pigment powder. Click the images below to be linked to a post containing more of the slides.

green spectrumred spectrum

blue spectrumblack spectrum, the objective, victor


Wagner V  V  V  V  V

What’s Opera, Doc? !

the Residents

blend this

08/01/11 forever